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Ignition Casino review

USA Live Casino Games – Based on my own experience and the player community involved I will list the best gaming sites to play real money live games with real persons or dealers. You can be sure I will list only reputable sites you can trust and have a high level of gaming and support. Most of these sites are online for many years and all of them will pay your winnings within minutes after the request.

Ignition Casino review

Ignition Casino – $2,000 in bonuses


USA Live Dealer Casino GamesUSA Live Dealer Casino Games

Real money live games experience

I can call myself a professional player. That’s because I have been playing online for many years from 2005 to be exact. I started playing free online slots for fun, but since my first experience at United Kingdom casinos, I fell in love with table games. I started playing Blackjack and Roulette and then a few hands in Baccarat. Craps is always fun because you can play alongside newbies and experienced players. Not to mention the popular Big Wheel (also known as Wheel of Fortune) that was a sure stop before walking away from any casino.

After all my experience at USA real casinos, I started playing some hands online as well. I prefer live table games that are streamed online with HD and operated by reputable online casinos.

In the early days, online casinos are limited to offering roulette games with no interaction. Fortunately, due to high-speed internet connections and high definition cameras live dealer games were launched and players can now play live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold em Poker, and other games. There is also a reproduction of those Vegas nightclubs lounges with table games (online they called Blackjack Party). There are two types of live games available today:

USA Live Dealer Casino Studios

It can be seen as a real casino exclusively dedicated to providing casino sites with live dealer table games. You can play in real-time all popular casino table games and interact with the croupiers. The live games are streamed live using HD cameras with wide angles. For example, the Immersive Live Roulette offers different views of the table and punters can have a real live casino experience watching every turn of the card and spin of the roulette in real-time. This is a real casino exclusively built for online gaming. There are only real live dealers and all players are connected online.

Live Dealer Casino Games - Betsafe live casinoLive Dealer Casino Games – Betsafe live casino

Real land-based USA Casinos

Live Dealer Casino Games - Betsafe live casinoLive Dealer Casino Games – Betsafe live casino

There are real land-based USA casinos offering live games online. This is the latest trend when it comes to live games online. Can you imagine that you can play roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino in Italy with real guests and players inside the hotel? In this case, you can play at a real roulette table on the casino floor full of real players and obviously real staff. This kind of live game is absolutely the most modern option for a complete social and realistic gaming environment. You will be playing in a real brick-and-mortar casino, with guests and players located within the resort. There are just a couple of casinos offering this option but we can really expect a lot of casinos in Las Vegas, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Caribbean islands to enter this new trend very soon. You can play with real money online with any device or by downloading the App for Android or iOS.

Popular Live Games

Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Keno, Hi-Lo, Casino Hold Em, Sic Bo, 3 Card Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Bingo, Craps. Click on the games to check all reputable casinos to play them.

Live games providers

Extreme Gaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Ezugi, Microgaming, Vivo Gaming, Xpro Gaming, Playtech

Play Live Blackjack

Another great option to have a real gambling experience through the internet is play live Blackjack which allows you to pick different tables with a range of limits. There are players who only play high-limit Blackjack and sometimes they didn’t feel comfortable at real casinos because there are a lot of people around and some of them are impressed with the high roller actions when hundreds of dollars per hand are tossed on tables. High rollers usually play Blackjack with limits like $200/hand and can go up to $500/hand or even more than $1000/hand. If you are playing high limit, nothing better than keeping anonymous and here when reputable online casinos come to my page.

To play live Blackjack in reputable online casinos you must check some important information before moving forward. Is the casino secure and reliable to offer live dealer Blackjack games? To save your time, I’ve listed my favorite online casinos with professional live dealers and excellent records when it comes to high-quality online gaming.

As in the United States of America and Canada we have a variety of casinos and card rooms, some casino players prefer to play online only if live croupier Blackjack is available. Either other countries which don’t have table games wagering tradition, the option of live croupier games is well appreciated as it gives more credibility when stake real cash.

In the same way UK casinos and Las Vegas casinos, my goal here is to present reputable online casinos to play Blackjack with live croupiers and feel exactly as in a real land-based casino.

This research is based on my own gambling experience and also checking other players’ reviews and comments.

I hope you enjoy my live casino selection!

Play Live Blackjack at Trusted Online CasinosPlay Live Blackjack at Trusted Online Casinos

Play Live Blackjack Party

You can now play live Blackjack Party with real money, the same Blackjack is available in Las Vegas USA lounges, nightclubs, and pools at USA live dealers online casinos. Cool music, good-looking dealers, and a laid-back live gaming environment to play and hang out with friends. Grab your favorite drink, pump up the volume and come to the Blackjack Party!

I love to play this one as I feel the same way when in Vegas. We usually play at these Blackjack lounges in Vegas before going to a nightclub and guess what, nothing has changed when it comes to online casinos!

I found a very cool version of online live Blackjack that takes me to the good old Las Vegas mood. When I’m in Vegas, I and my friends catch up on Blackjack tables to hangout for some hours prior to heading to any nightclub. These tables are not located on the main casino floor, but in very stylish lunges. There is good music, good drinks, beautiful people and yes… a lot of fun. Usually, some Las Vegas casinos offer this kind of gambling lounge near the pool area in the summer, or near the nightclub. It’s an area people can chill out with friends while playing some Blackjack hands with much-loved dealers (and very professionals).

I miss all this relaxed entertainment environment at USA live dealers online casinos. All options are streamed from live casino studios and real-live casinos, but just like me, there are a lot of players who want something more than play. I want good entertainment and relaxation, meeting friends and having fun.

So, I was browsing my favorite online casino some night when I found something really interesting: Blackjack Party. The name says it all .. they finally tried to reproduce those cool Las Vegas lounges including music, good-looking dealers, and a blackjack pit with a different mood. In Las Vegas, you can find different types of Blackjack Party pits. In Fremont Street, I saw beautiful models as dealers alongside exotic dancers. At The Encore Las Vegas, they made available a Blackjack table near the pool area. There are different versions but all of them cater to players looking for a different gaming experience.

I know there is an issue about the house edge which is not good at land-based casinos, as you have beautiful women dealing cards, exotic dancers, etc. When playing online the thing is a little bit different when it comes to the house edge.

Below you can check some pictures I took from the Blackjack lounges in Las Vegas and also some pictures from the Blackjack Party pit I’m playing online.

Blackjack Party: very entertaining dealersBlackjack Party: very entertaining dealers

Play Live Blackjack Party - a chill out style of online gamblingPlay Live Blackjack Party – a chill out style of online gambling

Play Live Roulette

Play live roulette is very different than play those electronic videogames simulating the mechanic roulette table. Most players who stake real money on roulette prefer to play live roulette than an online roulette game. Live roulette is streamed in real-time and players can watch every detail of the spin and interact with the dealer.

Because roulette is one of the preferred casino games for most punters, you can play a live version in a variety of reputable casinos.

Recently the live roulette became something even more interesting as it can be played live at real land casinos. Players are familiar with playing live roulette through live dealer studios serving online casinos the demand for live games, but the latest trend is to play live roulette streamed from brick and mortar casinos.

Online gaming companies are closing interesting agreements with popular land-based casinos allowing players from any country to take a seat and play live roulette alongside punters physically present in those casinos. This innovation brings live roulette entertainment to the next level. While live dealer studios say their games look like you are in a real casino, in this new trend you really are playing from a real casino.

Live dealer studios: real casinos exclusively built to serve online casinos with live games.

Real casinos online: allows players (online and offline) to play together in a real casino making online gaming something real. Check the live roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino (check below).

Casino players in the United States of America, for example, can play a real casino in the country without leaving the USA. You can interact with the dealer and other players and also watch people who stop at the table to see the gameplay.

Betsafe - a good option to play live Roulette in a lounge style environment.Betsafe – a good option to play live Roulette in a lounge style environment.

Play Live Roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino in Italy

Innovative way to play real casino roulette games through the internet. Streamed live from Saint Vincent Resort Casino in Italy

Is there any way I can play live roulette games in a real casino through the internet without visiting the casino? Without leaving my home? YES!!!!
Thanks to technology! The internet is faster than ever today and thanks to the possibility of mega, Giga data transfers, videos became so popular. This is also good for casinos. Some years ago I was able to play roulette against software, now you can be within casino walls and play from any part of the world.

Play live roulette online from a real casino

A few years ago, casino studios allowed us to play live roulette streamed directly from a physical location equipped with roulette, blackjack, baccarat. This is a very popular option for players who enjoy casino table games. There are a variety of online casinos offering live games today and there’s no reason to play those vintage roulette video games. You can play live with real dealers!

"It isn't realistic - it's real." - play live roulette directly from a real casino in Italy! Saint Vincent Resort Casino.“It isn’t realistic – it’s real.” – play live roulette directly from a real casino in Italy! Saint Vincent Resort Casino.

The best news I have is that you can also play live from a real casino alongside real visitors and dealers. In this case, you will take a seat alongside players located within the casino. That’s impressive, as you can have both online players and casino guests playing together for the first time. This is absolutely amazing and if you use to play roulette when visiting any casino in Australia, Canada, or Las Vegas USA, now you can do it wherever you are.
This live roulette game is streamed in real-time from Saint Vincent Resort Casino, located in the Italian Alps, and is open for online players every day from 4 am – 4 pm.

Authentic Roulette

Leo Vegas was the first mobile casino to offer Authentic Roulette.
You can be part on it – signup at Leo Vegas casino and start playing this innovative live roulette game directly from a real casino in Italy.

Different than roulette software games, the authentic roulette available live from St. Vincent Resort is available for real money wagers. The good news is that Leo Vegas casino offers a special offer for new clients. After finishing your signup, you will get an extra money bonus based on your deposit. Depending on how much you deposit, you can get £1,500 extra cash and 250 free spins to play on slot games. Visit LeoVegas to check their current offer.

For many years I heard this: “I wish I could be at any casino to play and hang out with other people”. Well, there are no excuses now. Grab your preferred drink, log in, and play Roulette live in the most interactive online gaming environment.

Play Live Roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino in ItalyPlay Live Roulette from Saint Vincent Resort Casino in Italy

A real experience: Play live roulette online from a real casino with other players physically located in the venue.A real experience: Play live roulette online from a real casino with other players physically located in the venue.

Play Live Baccarat

Play live Baccarat online with real dealers and wager real money in low and high limit tables. Real live gambling action.

Not every visitor in a casino knows how to play Baccarat although the game is very simple and easy. Maybe most of the people don’t feel attracted or prefer to play Roullete, Dice, or Blackjack. Actually, Baccarat is a game that attracts serious gamblers. In Las Vegas casinos is easy to listen for whales staking thousand dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars per hand playing Baccarat. Most of these casino tycoons visit Las Vegas every month to pay an enormous amount of money. They want to play live Baccarat game to play for real and most of the casinos now offers live Baccarat with real dealers. Thanks to the quality of internet connections, we can play live Baccarat at any time and place, in high definition.

I’m not a big fan of this game but occasionally play some hands online in its live dealer version. For those who want to play live dealer Baccarat, I’d recommend some of the reputable online casinos listed above. It’s easy to decide where to play and which casino you can trust. Some of them are online for over a decade and if they are veterans in the gaming industry, you can really trust them.

There are also some other recently launched casinos doing a great job but you must proceed with caution. To save your precious time, I listed all casinos I personally tested and can recommend them.

Play Live Baccarat at Online Casinos - the traditional card game can be played live with real dealers.Play Live Baccarat at Online Casinos – the traditional card game can be played live with real dealers.

Play Live Bingo Games

Reputable gambling site to play live bingo online with real cash and tips for free bonuses and tricks of the game.

I found an interesting site to play Bingo with live dealers. Usually online bingo sites offer that video-game style bingo but it lacks a real person drawing the balls. On my last visit to Malta, I was introduced to a new casino site that offers something really innovative when it comes to live bingo games. It’s a bingo version that can be played live with a real person. There are two different versions of the game called Lucky 7 and Lucky 5.

You may notice that most of the bingo sites are quite the same as just a few features may change graphics, sounds, layout, prizes. Basically, you play an electronic online video bingo and that’s it. Different bingo game providers may offer you some unique aspects of the game but overall still the same online bingo game.

I found an interesting site that is offering live bingo. I tested, I approved and I return regularly to enjoy a collection of live games they have online ( including bingo ).

So, playing live bingo in USA sites is something you can definitely do. They have two different versions: Lucky 7 and Lucky 5. You don’t need to download it. Simply fill a short registration form and you will be ready to go.

The game starts every 4 minutes and each round takes approximately 1 minute. Then you will have to way about 3 minutes until the next round start. This gives you some time to stake some money or just still online watching until you feel your lucky round is up.

Playing live bingo online is very cool. The live women are friendly and entertaining making this live bingo room a nice entertainment option.

This site not only offers live bingo but other cool live games online usually not found at any other online casino. You can play Dice and the popular Big Wheel of Fortune are other attractions there, just to name a few. Visit the site and take a look!

Play Live Bingo - a good online entertainment.Play Live Bingo – a good online entertainment.

You can play live bingo games on your mobile or computer.You can play live bingo games on your mobile or computer.

Play Live Wheel of Fortune

How to play the online version of Big Six Wheel or The Wheel of Fortune – check where to play online with live dealers and have fun.

I found a gambling site that offers the Big Wheel game or “The Wheel of Fortune”, that one which always has a luxury car as part of the drawing at Las Vegas casinos.

The popular Wheel of Fortune game to play live at online casinos.The popular Wheel of Fortune game to play live at online casinos.

The popular Big Wheel is also available online in real time, with a friendly dealer. You only have to signup and start trying your luck. The game is available 24/7 every 5 minutes and is live, in real-time. You can play the famous Big Wheel to win real money using your tablet, mobile phone or laptop. (No download is required). The live game starts instantly in your browser.

No matter what game and where you are playing (casinos in Las Vegas USA or Canada), every time you stop playing and decide to walk out you will go through the famous Big Wheel and then you wanted to try your luck in this game. The Big Wheel is always visible and full of lights and music around it. When I was sippin’ my drink after a long Blackjack session, I was looking for the people walking in and leaving the casino. Most of them stopped for a few seconds to check the Big Wheel and the luxury car in front of it. Why not try your luck? $5, $10, $50, $100 … people walking through the casino can choose any amount to spin.

The game is just like “The Wheel of Fortune” TV show. That’s why it became popular on TV and Casinos. People already know how to play because there are no difficult rules here, simply the spin button is just like a slot machine. You can really have fun playing the Wheel Of Fortune game with your friends while enjoying your favorite drink.

The option here is a live game streamed in HD. You can watch other players in action and start playing at any time.

The BIG WHEEL is a very popular casino game available to play online at casinos.The BIG WHEEL is a very popular casino game available to play online at casinos.

Just like the TV show, the Wheel of Fortune game is streamed live for players worldwide.Just like the TV show, the Wheel of Fortune game is streamed live for players worldwide.

The BIG WHEEL game is available 24/7 and you can play on mobile or computer.The BIG WHEEL game is available 24/7 and you can play on mobile or computer.

Play Live Dice

Real money Dice game online with live croupiers in HD stream. Play dice online in a real casino through the internet.

Just like in Las Vegas or in those cities where pubs and bars allow gambling. Dice is a game that you must play live with a real person and that’s what you can have on this site. I already played their live bingo game which is great and the live Dice game is of the same quality. The woman will roll the dices on the table and the screen is split into two cameras. One with the woman throwing the dice and the other with a close zoom in the dice. You watch in real-time the dice game just like in Las Vegas, USA.

If you like to stake some money in casinos but you can’t travel regularly, this is what you need for your daily entertainment. Live real gambling games with HD streaming. Easy to play and very entertaining.

The thrill of dice game live in your laptop or mobile deviceThe thrill of dice game live in your laptop or mobile device

While other online casinos are offering software that emulates the popular dice game, here you can play live with a real person and watch in real-time every roll of the dice. Just like in Las Vegas! Actually, you will be playing at a real casino exclusively built for online players. This is a good innovation in terms of live gaming but there are new trends popping up every year and now you can also play live Roulette among real players in a real land-based casino hotel.

What else can we get in the near future ??

Author: Patrick Cooper